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TNA has always had talented wrestlers. They just had no real direction. They had their own identity until they brought WCW failures like Bischoff, Hogan and Russo in to ru(i)n it, and thought they could be as cutting edge as WWE. They tried turning Abyss into another Hulk Hogan. They tried making Bully Ray into another Steve Austin. They copy ideas that worked for other promotions in the past, but times have changed.

Daniel Bryan becomes WWE champ, so they get their own lookalike Eric Young to become their champ. ECW was a hot thing, so they bring in ECW alumni to heat things up again. Problem is, those guys are now 20 years older, and their act just looks quaint. WWE's Authority turns heel, so Dixie Carter turns heel, and can somehow throw a 300 lb man through a table.

RoH at least doesn't pollute their shows with management drama. They're pretty open-door, and will bring in talent from overseas and put on amazing matches. They remind me of the old ECW shows that took place in small venues but had more intense interaction with the audience. My main criticism is that they perhaps rely too much on the death-defying stunts, and that can wear out the novelty. But at least they don't wannabe WWE.