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Originally Posted by LawMonkey View Post
Well, that show was a hot mess. It started w/ giving the Network's excellent price heel heat that, as the show went on, drifted for those of us back at home, at least, into X-Pac heat, and just kept the hits comin' from there. It had its highlights: Dean worked an awesome match w/ ADR, then did the best ringside distraction routine ever, and did I mention that HEATH SLATER MAIN EVENTED RAW AND PINNED SETH ROLLINS!!! Oh, and THE DEMON (gentleman) KANE handed in his mask, perhaps recognizing that he hasn't won a match since putting it on.

But Cesaro jobbed out in like two minutes, because we needed the time to give him a good match (which he totally could have had with Zigs) to play the (very good) hype video we played up near the top of the show for a second time in the third hour. And they missed the opportunity to have Leo Kruger looking back at Adam Rose from the Oculus mirror. Brie and Nikki continued to be lady John Cenas (Johns Cena?), getting heel heat from at least some of us when they're supposed to be faces. (It's not quite as bad as it is with Cena, but then, we've not had to listen to Brie try to act and make prison bitch jokes for 10+ years, either.) I think everyone agrees Steph was pretty great, though.

Also, it's fun watching the 'E react to its financial woes by trying to get more edgy while staying within the technical bounds of PG... sort of. It started, IIRC, with Brie calling Steph a bitch... then Roman got cleared to say ass... then Brie and Steph each had to say "bitch" at least five times a show... then Ron Simmons came and gave Roman "damn"... and now Brock has added bodily fluids to the party and Brie is making prison bitch jokes. I was going to say we'd have everything but fuck and cunt by Night of Champions at the latest, but we don't even have that far to go!

I don't know where you think the Bellas are getting Cena-heat, but they are both being huge faces right now. It's probably because Steph is AMAZING at what she does, so the fans are loving the rivalry right now.

Cesaro losing is kinda weird to me because I think "creative" doesn't know what to do with him. They don't want to give him the IC belt since its on a newly minted Miz (and possibly Zigs which would be...pardon the term...awesome), and they know he isn't big enough to fight for the bit title(s), so he's kind of in no-man's land, especially after the Paul Heyman failure.

IIRC correctly this is two wins in a row for Heath Slater after the 3mbreakup, I don't know if WWE is pushing him, or banking on the fact that he's a nobody, but if his wins keep coming I'm not gonna complain.

This should be an awesome Summerslam, I'm looking forward to pretty much every match!