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They don't even have to do it all at once. Cena already gives promos about people booing him, about how he's given his life to the company. Just amp that up a bit, add some subtle, growing anger. Talk about how he's been the #1 guy for 10 years, he's earned his spot and he's earned people's respect. Lose to Lesnar. Get pushed down the card. Get disrespected. Get quietly angrier. After two months, get put in a match with Zach Ryder. No post or pre-match beatdown, no actual cheating, nothing traditional... Just slowly beats the ever living fuck out of Ryder while deliberately prolonging the match. 15-20 minute match later, Ryder is a puddle of goo and the announcers are stunned by what they've seen, not entirely sure what to make of it. Renee interviews Cena backstage later in the show. He calmly talks about how he's been the #1 guy for 10 years and deserves everything he's ever gotten or wanted. But tonight they gave him Zach Ryder, and he showed them what he thought of that idea.

From there, he just savagely beats down every opponent he thinks is beneath where he deserves to be. Kofi Kingston, Adam Rose, other mid-card faces not currently in hot angles.