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Cena is kind of a victim of circumstance to some degree. I saw Kane interviewed before WM30 in which he said one reason he's had so much success in his career is that he's never had a really serious injury. If you think about it, it's true. Kane has been consistently involved in main event storylines, even at times when it doesn't necessarily make sense. But when you recognize the huge injury rate WWE has, and how they don't have guys "work through injuries" like they used to, it makes sense why a guy like Kane has basically never left the main event tier.

Cena is basically the same way, he's the Hulk Hogan of his era and he's never been injured. Now, Hulk was disliked by a lot of Internet fans, but he was not openly booed by the fans until the early 90s. I remember at one point he had a feud with Sid Justice/Vicious/Eudy who was technically the heel, but the fans were actually cheering Sid. This wasn't long before he left WWE. When Hogan first arrived on the scene at WCW he was even more stale and uninspiring, but then he went heel and had a pretty decent career throughout the 1990s.

Now, unfortunately that didn't translate to him working great matches or anything, but just in terms of merchandise/fan interest/fan reaction, Hollywood Hogan was a winning character.

I'd say Cena hit this point probably 4 years ago, maybe 5. But WWE has absolutely no roster of main event caliber faces with which to replace Cena. Even early WWE had guys like Ultimate Warrior and later Bret Hart they could put the crown on. WCW had Sting, and a few other guys. If WWE flipped Cena heel, they have no one that can be that Ultimate Warrior / Sting / Bret Hart type guy.

Cena has also been simply overused, because of the fact he's the only top tier heel who can wrestle for a year without ending up in the hospital. Sting was basically always a face in the NWA/WCW (to my knowledge), but he wasn't over exposed to the degree Cena has been. Sting was used more judiciously, he'd have big runs, then he'd be a little more in the background. Cena is on almost every Raw and Smackdown, and certainly in every PPV. I don't have a lot against John, at the very least he can at least work a match which guys like Hogan never could in their big run. But he's a victim of circumstance, way too little development of new main event caliber characters in WWE, and the guys they have gotten to that point fizzle out, often due to being sidelined for months and months due to injury right in the middle of what would have been their time to shine.