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Cena isn't amazing in the ring, but that is a point I make. He's a decent worker, he works tough, physical matches. He takes big bumps, he wrestles guys who work stiff (which not many really do anymore.) Basically the opposite of Hogan, who wouldn't wrestle with anyone who was stiff at all, barely took bumps. Cena can't sell very well but he works in the ring--and most importantly he genuinely does about 300 events a year.

Guys like Hogan in his prime might be on regular TV once a month, and would headline PPVs (of which they had four a year for most of Hogan's big run.) In WCW Hogan was the same, it was basically every 2-3 Nitro he would deign to make an appearance, and actually wrestling on TV even rarer (it was way out of the norm when he actually wrestled a championship match against Goldberg as the Nitro main event.)

I do think after Diesel dropped the belt to Bret Hart Vince has done a decent job of mostly keeping guys that can work a match with the strap--Bret, Shawn, Austin, Undertaker, HHH, Rock, Foley, Kane, Edge, Jericho, Cena, RKO etc.