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Stone Cold / Hogan / The Rock were guzzling Bud Light at WM30. SCSA is a total IPA/hop freak these days, but for beer chugging American pale lagers, light as possible, is ideal. Especially since at WM30 he was doing a legit beer chug, versus the "spill beer all over myself and maybe drink 1 oz of it" he did during his career. [From what I hear SCSA drank more than his fair share of beer, but it's pretty reasonable that he didn't legitimately pound 2-3 beers prior to working a 15 minute match.]

Workrate - Basically as all wrestling matches normally are works, which means planned and not competitive, "workrate" simply means "doing that really well." Broadly it means putting on a show really well, and it's a combination generally of "skill" and intensity/effort.

Examples: Shawn Michaels had great in ring skill, and great intensity/effort. His matches were well executed and with great effort. Most of the time, you can find some bad HBK matches though, especially during stormy parts of his career when the drugs were a little too prevalent.

Goldberg is an example of someone with a very high effort level in matches, but bad skill. So he doesn't necessarily have a high workrate, he was intense, but without the requisite skill the effort/intensity made him very dangerous. He injured a lot of people in his career.

Ric Flair for the last 25 years is an example of someone with good skill but poor effort, slow and uninteresting in the ring largely due to old age.

So basically it's a combination of both skill and pacing/effort. It doesn't mean you have to be a high flying fiend, as effort is relative. Most would say Vader had a high workrate and he wasn't one of the Hardys (both had good work rate.) Edge had good workrate, Bret Hart had good workrate (more methodical/slow style compared to HBK.)

Hogan has never had good work rate, even his early 80s matches when he at least tried he still wasn't that good.