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Originally Posted by Jophiel View Post
DLH.Net is giving away a free copy of Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold edition. Simply make an account on their site then go to your profile and activate your free game. You'll need to link it to your Steam account the same way Humble Bundle and other sites now use.

As well as C:CotA, I believe you can still active the previous games they offered: Enclave, East India Company, Knightshift, Knights & Merchants HD and Pirates of the Black Cove.
It's not quite that simple. You have to be really fast. They're only giving 500 keys an hour and they go super quick. I was only able to snag Enclave before all the keys for all the games were gone for this hour.

Maybe they'll eventually have enough keys for everybody but for me, none of these games are worth jumping through hoops to get at this rate.