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As a professional game developer, I don't have a good feeling about Star Citizen. I'm obviously not in a position to know about the internals of their development process, but the little bits I've heard make me nervous.

For example, a recent article mentioned Roberts staying up late coding. That's a red flag. The creative lead on a $94 million project should NOT be coding. There are WAY more important things for him to be doing. I've been the creative lead on large projects, and there's no way you can operate as an effective leader if you're wasting time on line production tasks. That little detail suggests a problem with micromanagement or inexperience with managing a big team.

I also get the feeling that a lot of work is going into promotional materials to keep the cash flowing in. It's really easy for teams to get trapped in a bad demo cycle where they're constantly building stuff to promote the game, while neglecting to actually make the game. Again, I don't have evidence that this is what's actually happening with Star Citizen, but I've seen it happen before and the flash-to-substance ratio of what they're showing to the public is worrisome.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing implodes next year. Hopefully for everyone who put money in it, I'm wrong. The concept is indeed very cool.