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Originally Posted by Corry El View Post
Seriously though, it doesn't matter if random people on the internet go overboard with this, that's what the internet is for. But it illustrates the possibility of Democrats overplaying it, which even in their glee the more level headed ones surely realize.
Exactly. Let me emphasize this. The Democrats should not imitate Trump. Trump has been spewing out barrels of lying propaganda against both Clintons and calling for at least Hilary's arrest. The Democrats should not copy that behavior. They should stick to facts and official findings - because that's what makes Democrats different from Republicans. It's a good difference and one that needs to be preserved. Trump is offering plenty of rope. No need to invent a new string.

If this sinks Trump, it does so with the usual perversity of politics. We know his personality. Probably nobody on earth aware of him will be truly surprised he said this. Or a hundred other things exactly like this. He has in fact said a hundred things in the same ballpark, not just about women but about every group that isn't his own family. This is a nothing in the larger picture of what we know about Trump. Yet this might be the one thing that sticks when a hundred similar or worse things slide. Nobody has ever figured out why some things get headline news and others just like them are local stories. Stuff just happens. This may be his Dukakis tank moment. Or tomorrow's debate may produce a new outrage that wipes this out of public memory. Nobody knows.