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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
Michael Ansara, of course, was married to Barbara Eden and appeared on I Dream of Jeannie as the blue djinn.
Michael Ansara was all over the place. He was TV's answer to Yul Brynner and Anthony Quinn -- the All-Purpose Ethnic. He played American Indians, Middle Eastern-types, Russians, Aliens, and what-have-you. He was Qarlo Kobrigny, the Soldier from the Future in the Harlan Ellison-scripted Outer Limits episode Soldier.

In addition to appearing a couple of times on I Dream of Jeanie (and being married to Barbara Eden), he also directed at least one episode.

He also played The Mummy (or, at least a Mummy) in Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy, a movie that also featured a pre-Dick Van Dyke Show Richard Deacon.

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