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Lee Meriwether ("Losira" in "That Which Survives") turned up as a perky suburban housewife in an episode of Leave It to Beaver. I used to love watching her in Time Tunnel when I was in sixth grade. She was so damned hot in those knee-length skirts and white lab coats! Of course, she was also The Catwoman in the 1966 movie Batman.

Leslie Parrish ("Lt Palomas" in "Who Mourns for Adonais?") was in an episode of Batman as a ditzy beauty queen who was kidnapped by The Penguin. She wore skin-tight gold lame slacks, grrrrrr!

It'd be interesting to do a Star Trek--Batman crossover study. Right offhand, I can think of Frank Gorshin, Sherry Jackson, Nancy Kovacs (The Mad Hatter's moll), and Julie Newmar (the original Catwoman).

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