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Originally Posted by China Guy View Post
The guy does a pretty impressive quick summary that runs over a hundred items. One would expect a few don't line up, but overall an extremely interesting analysis. Or are you not seeing a very thick smoke coming out on the collusion with Russia thing?
I don't know about that.

Most of the most damning things he writes are speculation or assertions that "we know that ..." which don't seem to have any apparent basis. Of course, when a guy like me reads something like that I have to consider the possibility that some of these things are genuinely "known" to people who follow these things more closely than I've been doing. But if I see some egregious mistakes - which seem to feature heavily in his analysis (since the platform seems to be the primary form of collusion that he's alleging) then that plus all the speculative aspects seems to suggest that he's a nutcase or partisan CT rather than a more sober analyst.