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Originally Posted by jsgoddess View Post
Interesting take on the Manafort/Papadopoulos news from Seth Abramson:
Thank you for that, that was very informative (I'll need to read it several times though).

One thing that confused me is when Abramson said this

49/ Months ago I said "Phase 3" of Mueller's probe would begin in November of 2017. It instead began October 30, 2017. (Pretty darn close.)

50/ I've also said that Phase 3—in which Trump co-conspirators are indicted—would last 2 to 5 months. So that's what we're in for right now.
His use of 'phase 3' was confusing to me, so I researched it. I think he was referencing this thread he made in August.

(4) Phase 3, which we *will* get to, is the issuance of many "true bills" (indictments) against minor figures in the probe and Trump aides.
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