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Originally Posted by Chisquirrel View Post
I'm starting to plan how things should work, instead of constantly putting out little fires. This is the first time in this colony where I haven't had warnings or even cautions all over the place. However, I also realize that I'm still dancing a razor's edge - if I don't find more water in a timely manner, everything goes boom.
Water is huge. The map I'm on right now I just hit cycle 150, and I can do big projects like take advantage of the natural gas geyser I just found--but only because I started with plentiful water.

Something that's super helpful is to find a swamp biome with a lot of pools of polluted water, and put a water pump in the lowest one and start pumping it into your cistern, where another water pump will send it through a cistern and into your main reservoir. When you've nearly drained that lowest swamp pool, dig a tunnel to the next highest swamp pool and start draining that water. Keep a switch on the water pump in the swamp, so it's only working when your overall water supply is low.

Using this method I have a massive swamp lake ready for use, a full cistern, and a full reservoir that feeds multiple farms and other equipment.

I'm also struggling with the metal refinery, though, trying to figure out how to keep it happy.