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Amazon's customer-screwing policies

Although I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, I rarely need it fast, so Amazon Prime is not useful to me and I never deliberately subscribed to it. But I noticed a $13 charge on my credit card statement a few times for "Prime Membership," and called them on it (after cancelling online).

According to a clerk, who spoke good enough English that I don't think I misunderstood, I am automatically signed up for a Prime Membership, with a continuing monthly charge, anytime I select 2 day shipping for an item.

Apparently the 2 day shipping option was the cheapest on the list, so I unwittingly selected it, either not knowing what I was signing up for, or didn't see the fine print.

Oddly, the cost of the membership varies according to the item you first buy, as one charge was for $11. The explanation was, "Oh, that had a different tax amount," which makes no sense, but I let it go, more concerned with the overall refund (which was made).

This is a fraudulent way of doing business, akin to a bait & switch ploy. Anyone else get caught in this, or do I have the procedure wrong?