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Looking at the approval ratings for Presidents through history ( - switch to the 8 year view in the third section), Nixon's rating dropped like an anvil at the start of 1973 and even then it still took several months, after hitting the low 20s, before they finally axed him.

We'll have to see what happens to his popularity rating, but if it stays steady then I don't think there's much hope of impeachment. On the other hand, you could debate whether a modern Congress would be more or less likely to support the President once he dropped under 30% approval. Modern politicians are more partisan the ones of yore, but they're also now shackled more heavily to the fickle demands of the general public. Whereas, in the 70s, they could be reasonable and wait for an official report to come out, from the investigation, these days they might dump Trump as soon as the numbers say they need to.

But on Trump's side of things, it's now too late for him to step down. Presidential immunity and the pardon power are his only hopes for staying out of jail, outside of fleeing to Russia and asking for asylum.

He'll stick with it until he thinks that people are coming for him, and then he'll make a run for the border.