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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
He's got a Congress and a Supreme Court that desperately want to avoid doing anything about him.
I disagree on SCOTUS. I'm just going on body language here, but I don't think Neil Gorsuch likes him much.

Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
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We'll have to see what happens to his popularity rating, but if it stays steady then I don't think there's much hope of impeachment. On the other hand, you could debate whether a modern Congress would be more or less likely to support the President once he dropped under 30% approval. Modern politicians are more partisan the ones of yore, but they're also now shackled more heavily to the fickle demands of the general public.
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On the contrary the opinion of the general public has little or nothing to do with what congress does or what laws get passed.

They only drop in to rally the base at election time, talking nonsense and spewing lies to get re-elected.

Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I was more amenable to Trump than Pence, but seeing Trump's body language with Putin, I don't think we can safely have him as President.
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Pence may be a blight on humanity, but he's at least loyal to the country and - if Trump is impeached - I don't think the Republican party would dare let him do anything even slightly objectionable. He'd be forced to be the most milquetoast and bland President since Jimmy Carter regardless that every fiber of his being might cry out for a Fundamentalist paradise. He'll order massive penalties against Russia and then go into hibernation for two years.
I disagree completely. Michael Pence believes he is an old testament-style patriarch placed by God in a position of power for the purpose of cleansing the nation. There is reason to believe that he was sexually abused by an older brother throughout childhood. He has failed to differentiate child abuse from consensual adult relationships and has openly stated that he would like to hang all gay men.

His fawning restrictive rules regarding fidelity to his wife hide a sick old testament attitude toward women as well. He is of the old fashioned belief that women are inherently sinful and must be controlled. He thinks the authority in a woman's life should pass from her Father to her husband, and that allowing women real autonomy is the basis of all the evils in society. Including (in his mind, not mine) the mass murder of millions of babies each year. He thinks the government should control who can have sex with whom and the rules by which approval (marriage) should be granted.

Originally Posted by Ca3799 View Post
Since the prevailing wisdom is that Trump won't be impeached, I think the best we can hope for as all his dominos continue to fall is for Trump to achieve "lame duck" status which would reduce the amount of damage his is doing to the country and relationships with allies.
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The best case scenario IMHO is that Mueller waits until January 2019 elections to indict President Trump. With a Democratic House,and a Democratic speaker, then impeach Trump and Pence. The Speaker of the House would become President for the rest of the term. If (as I think we will) we also have a Democratic Senate at that time, then the serious clean-up can begin as soon as February 2019.

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