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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
You all sound like a bunch of fucking Republicans; we must line up behind the leader and anyone who questions her is the enemy. Let's check back in a week and see if public opinion starts to blame the Democrats for the shutdown and Trump's approval starts to creep up.
Originally Posted by asahi View Post
You're worried about optics and you think it would somehow look better if her first priority of business were to subpoena the president at a time when 800,000 civil servants are losing a month of income already? Isn't Bob Mueller already investigating the president? What is she more capable of achieving at this point: an impeachment with a Republican senate, or getting the government open again?

Let me're a Bernie bro.
Holy shit, there's some kind of Freaky Friday thing going on! asahi has taken over madmonk's account to accuse everyone of being in Trump's corner, and madmonk had taken over ashai's account to be a voice of reason!