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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
What you and your ilk don't understand is that Pelosi is pulling stunts like this instead of investigating Trump and pursuing impeachment. She'll pander to the moderately informed for cheap fund raising and business as usual bullshit, but she won't take a stand and pursue the removal from office of Trump.
Pursuing impeachment at this point of time would be just about the stupidest thing for the Dems to do. Yes it feels good for the Liberal base, but it accomplishes nothing (there is no way senate votes for removal), and it actually undermines our best weapon against Trump. There is right now as we speak an non-partisan independent investigation that is uncovering more of Trump's deepest darkest secrets than anything the Dems could do on their own. If The Dems start grandstanding with a partisan investigation of their own and calls for impeachment , then it will get mixed up with Mueller investigation in the public's eyes, and be largely dismissed as all partisan.

Pelosi needs to let Mueller and the New York AGs finish their work, and then once all the secrets have been carefully arranged in nice neat little piles by an independent entity, she can decide best how to use this ammunition to storm the castle.

You complained of her playing small ball, but I will remind you what moneyball taught us. Home runs are exciting and all for the fans, but if you want to win games, pay attention to the on base percentage.