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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
Care to cite one of these publications saying "don't imagine anything or enjoy anything"?

Because stuff like this is literally the first article I found on Lion's Roar, and that has 3 practitioners saying exactly the opposite.
They actually donít say the opposite since they donít really reference imagination at all. One talks about the middle way between ultimate truth and mundane in which he says there are no mountains and rivers, so in essence the ďcorrectĒ answer is that there is nothing.

Itís similar to this:

About not having a reference point. I find it confusing how they talk about virtue and good when not being biased or attached is part of their teachings.

But I can say for sure there are plenty of articles on those publications that deride imagination as choosing to be unconscious and living in illusion. One of the authors on that link you provided even said that itís about training one not to get lost in the mind and thatís what imagination entails at times.