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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
I don't know about you, but I see evidence of my "not free will" all the time. I make a myriad of decisions every day without thinking about them first. Hell, sometimes I don't even remember making them.
This is the word problem. What do we mean by choices? What do we mean by a decision? What do we mean by not thinking about our actions?

Well, obviously we make decisions out of habit, experience, expedience, and convenience. But all those things are part of our history. They do not arrive by god's carrier pigeon. You do a thousand things every day, or week, or year that are contrary to your normal decision path. Typing on a message board is an excellent example. Sometimes you type, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you say one thing but not another. Sometimes you delete a message, or phrase it a different way, or edit it after posting. Sometimes you make typos. I don't ever want to make a typo, but I do. Does that mean I don't have free will? Or does it merely mean my finger slipped, or I was thinking ahead of my typing speed, or that I momentarily forgot how to spell a word? Do I really have to accept that the universe of physical causes from the beginning of time forced my fingers to hit the wrong keys? Nuts. If the universe were determined we wouldn't need spellcheck.

I like begbert2's thesis. Free will is only a problem because people can't handle the reality that they are responsible for their own deeds.