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I don't get distracted to the point I'm a drooling statue when I see an attractive woman. I guess the point I was trying to make is, that even in working situations where the goal is to get some job done, if a new attractive woman appears as part of the team, it completely changes my thought process. It just changes things. It makes me more competitive and unfocused on the job's goals (I'm not blaming the woman, just my mind that is the product of millions of generations of successfully reproducing males), even though I may already have a "mate". I see this in me, I see this in my co-workers, I see this everywhere and I don't really understand why some on the SDMB have a problem admitting this. It's not a value judgement. It is an observation. Just admitting that men are ultimately controlled by sex is not a crazy thing. And in fact, if true social progression is to be made, we shouldn't just push this under the rug and demonize it but rather accept that our evolution has brought us here, but also realize our minds give us the ability to rise above not to act on such things.

As a (horrid, to some) example, I was driving with my wife in our minivan, stopped at red light and this girl pulled up next to us on a scooter. The way she was sitting, the short shorts she was wearing, her body's shape, I don't know, I couldn't even hold a conversation with my wife even when she was complaining about me being distracted by her... it's like it didn't matter to me, I couldn't bypass it, I had to just take in the sight of this and I didn't care how irritated my wife was. I know I sound like a real winner, but I'm just being honest.