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So it’s still LOL RAIDERS but man, didn’t everybody expect that ending? If the NFL doesn’t launch a tampering investigation into the Patriots and Drew Rosenhaus... I mean, every GM in the league that Jay Glaser talked to said they thought the fix was in.

Anyway, he’s New England’s problem now. And New England, sans AB, is Pittsburgh’s problem tonight.

So I think Pittsburgh is going to win. They won last time, they “won” the time before that and were cheated out of it by a call so bad it changed the rules, and that was without Bell and with the now departed cancer. New England is without Gronk, presumably forever, and he was Pittsburgh’s torturer. Brady is at home so he’ll get 2-3 Roughing the Brady calls and no matter how he chooses to intentionally ground the ball the refs will swallow their whistles, and of course Patrick Chung is still playing despite being indicted on federal drug charges, but none of that matters. Top to bottom overall Pittsburgh is a better team this year, and they’ll show it tonight.

28-21 Pittsburgh.