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Congratulations to Australia for deservedly retaining the Ashes, and kudos to England for getting up off the floor and squaring the series.

But while picking apart dodgy batting techniques and dubious selections is fun, I don't think everyone here is giving Steve Smith enough credit. He scored 774 in 7 innings - to put that in context, Stokes got 440 runs at 55 and Labuschagne 350 at 50, so Smith was just about as good as the next two players - on either side - put together (and it's a fair drop after those three - no other England player averaged 40 and no other Australian averaged 35). Put another way, if he hadn't been hit on the head he would only have to have scored another 200 runs in potentially 3 innings to beat Bradman's all-time record for runs in a Test series.

Take Smith away from Australia, and they could easily have lost 4-1.

Incidentally, somewhere in the archives (couldn't find it, but I remember seeing it) is a newspaper pundit's comment on crazy selection decisions, around the end of the 2010-2011 Ashes. Something along the lines of "whoever thought Steve Smith was a Test-class Number 6?"