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Originally Posted by enalzi View Post
I'm glad the Bears don't have any more MNF games this year. Booger is the absolute worst announcer. And they spent way too much time cutting to the booth when players were on the field.
Booger needs to learn that less is more. You don't need to fill every second with Gruden-esque praise. He also said that other Gruden may be fired like 15 times in the second half...we get it.

The Bears won easily, but I am somehow coming out of this game feeling pretty apprehensive about the performance.

Trubisky was better, but the Redskins defense was AWFUL. Trubisky was 20 of 23 in the first half and it still felt like he was really inaccurate. Many of those WRs were wide, wide open and while he hit most of them, too many throws forced the WRs to reach/adjust. And those incompletions were not defended or dropped, they were misses. This is scary because Trubisky's issue in the first couple seasons wasn't accuracy, it was reading defenses, getting through progressions and manipulating coverages. Now, he has throws that are nowhere close like that INT in the endzone.

The offensive gameplan was better but still they trotted out a few gimmicks in a easily winnable game. Why don't you save those for high leverage situations? The running game still was largely ineffective until that final 4 minute drive. The offensive line continues to be a big weakness which is frankly surprising. Kyle Long has been flat out bad and both Daniels and Whitehair seem to be struggling after switching back to what was assumed to be their natural positions.

And so many penalties. Both offense and defense are getting flagged left and right while the officials this season seem to have universally agreed that it's OK to mug pass rushers. The penalties in the secondary I can live with, but the neutral zone violations, false starts and too many men calls are just sloppy.

The defense let down in the second half, but they were running with the backups for almost the entire second half. It almost got us into trouble. Hicks got dinged up, which sorta argues in favor of the choice to protect guys a bit, but we almost let them back into this game. I'm not going to overreact to the weak second half, but it's something to monitor and I mostly place that on the coaching staff.

Still, we're 2-1 with another big divisional game coming up on a short week. It's at least progress.