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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
One, just one, of his 24 completions were thrown more than 15 yards.

To me, this speaks volumes about Nagy and his feelings about the Bears and Trubisky. Nagy isn't Mike Martz, who would run his offense no matter what. Nagy is so much smarter, he tailors his gameplan to fit the abilities of his QB. So you get 24 completions, a vast majority of which are within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage, and rely on your defense to win games. Its smart, and so far successful, football. Nagy tried to unveil his offense week 1, realized it wasn't working, and adjusted accordingly.

Trubisky doesnt have to be great, he doesnt have to be worth the 2nd pick of the draft, and he doesnt have to be Mahomes or Watson. He just needs to not fuck up.
They need to work on time of possession. Last year they were top 3, currently they're #21. Put together long drives, even if it is with short passes and runs. Then the defense comes on, forces quick 3 and out or a turnover, and they're defense has to get right back on the field. It wears them down and eventually those opportunities will open up.

Even if Trubisky isn't the QB of the future, he's certainly the QB of the present. I think lots of teams will be scrambling for QBs next year, so it won't be a good time to get someone else.