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The AP department is at it again. They have a new ticketing system and, well, it seems to sort of work. Except that they don't seem to understand anything I ask them to do.

So the other day, I put in a ticket to block an invoice that was booked against the wrong PO. Super easy stuff, picked the invoice management -> Block invoice ticket, put in the information and explained in plain English what needed to happen. 5 day later, I get an email that say the invoice was paid, followed immediately by a ticket closure email.

That was the exact opposite of what I asked them to do. So now I get to figure out how the hell to fix this. I wrote a strongly worded email back to them, requesting they re-open the ticket because they didn't do the thing I needed them to do. I also asked my vendor very nicely to send me all the invoices they sent but I cannot figure out where this rogue invoice came from and I can't see the invoices from my end. Here's hoping I can figure this out... because this is totally my job. (it isn't)