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@Kenobi 65 - I did read the post a couple times and I'm still at a loss as to what from a practical POV I (a regular Joe Lunchbucket - not a photographer who shoots at sunrise or a pilot etc.) would do differently knowing the dew point is 7C versus 13C on a given morning or over the course of a day. What do you and the others that understand this do differently because of it?

Even regarding roads freezing - it seems to me the weather forecaster can just say "the roads might freeze today" rather than leaving it up to people to do all the mental gymnastics around dew points to get there themselves.

I've never once had an issue understanding that extremes of humidity, very low and very high humidity at any temperature range makes things feel worse for people.

Now that I've read the explanations posted (and thank you for that - sincerely), it does strike me that this is way too specific a measurement to be of any relevance for other than a few specialty professions.