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Originally Posted by ZonexandScout View Post
Not exactly an answer, but I did get to thinking about The Eagles taking on Joe Walsh. Good draft choice. I wish that some band had taken on Leslie West, as I really enjoy his playing.
Quite the contrary!

Eagles is an excellent example, since they had Bernie Leadon, Jack Tempchkin, and Randy Meisner taking turns and later stole Timothy B Schmidt from the Coral Reefer Band and Joe from The James Gang.

For that matter, it's interesting to see the revolving line-ups of Santana or Deep Purple as various experts added their influences and then split off to form other bands and then came back.

Deep Purple begat Rainbow which spun out Dio which led to....?

Santana gave a break to Schon who split and formed Golden Gate Rhythm Section which became Journey which lost Greg Rollie and pulled Jonathan Cain from The Babys, forcing John Waite to go solo but then they reunited with him as Bad English while pulling Dean Castronovo from Hardline and later Schon and Rollie joined back with Carlos Santana to experiment with Abraxis Pool and....

And YES has their own double-convoluted history of unions and reunions and so on...

In other words, it happens all the time.


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