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Depending on what exactly does the work entail and so long as it's days, it's not so bad. 3x12 worknights OTOH is enough to turn most human beings into Romero extras; the one time my shift had to work 3x12 nights, rest one, and another 3x12 we were so dead Romero would have rejected us for not looking lively enough.

The two fourth-shift foremen asked the company to change the procedure so that whenever there was a week of vacation we needed to cover we'd alternate day/night for each three-day stint (fourth shifts were the ones who worked holidays and weekends, in 12h shifts rather than the normal 8h of weekday workers). So, if there was a whole week that needed coverage one of the two shifts would work 3x12 night, rest, 3x12 day, and the other one would work 3x12 day, rest, 3x12 night.
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