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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
In response to your numbered points:

(1) (there is no difference between all-male stories and other types of stories)

Let A = the way men relate to each other in the absence of women
Let B = the way women relate to each other in the absence of men
Let C = the way men and women relate to each other in mixed groups

It is absolutely inherent that all three are different from each other.
Is it? In A, does it change if all the men are gay, or radical faeries, or feminists? What about in B and C?

There are plenty of depictions of how men relate to each other in the absence of women that have nothing to do with my experiences of the same. I don't think it's an inherent quality at all.

That said, there are certain social structures that enforce gender segregation, and there are plenty of interesting stories to be told in those structures. Das Boot would be a profoundly different movie if half the sailors were women, because it'd be clearly set in an alternate universe where Nazi submarine captains allowed women on board. If Sister Act featured a bunch of habit-clad dudes belting out hymns alongside the women, I'd just be confused.