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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
Is it? In A, does it change if all the men are gay, or radical faeries, or feminists? What about in B and C?
Of course, though I don't see how "or feminists" is relevant. The key is whether or not the group includes people you could want to fuck. Are you implying it doesn't? And even within that, surely gay-men-only has a different dynamic to hetero-coed and both are in turn different from lesbian-only groups.

There are plenty of depictions of how men relate to each other in the absence of women that have nothing to do with my experiences of the same. I don't think it's an inherent quality at all.
I don't see how your anecdotal experience is relevant; I'm not saying that ALL men-only groups are the same.

And then you freely concede my point in your next paragraph, though you seem to be implying it's all socialization. I don't think that's true. Put any bunch of strangers together and the group dynamic will absolutely be different depending on if they want to fuck each other or not.

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