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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Bulletproof flying alien with laser eyes looks like a black guy = fine.

Guy who looks like a black guy blends in seamlessly with and is respected by 1930s America = You've got some explaining to do.

And yeah, maybe you can explain it. Maybe your version of 1930s Metropolis has some other group being marginalized instead of blacks. Maybe it's a utopian vision of what Metropolis should have looked like, where everyone is accepted. Maybe in your story, Clark Kent wasn't respected, because of his race, and you can use that to explore how his character developed differently. Maybe Kal-El's ship didn't crash in Smallville until about 1990, and the Kents were sufficiently enlightened that they didn't care about the baby's color. But if you want your character to be Superman, there's more than just the superpowers you need to deal with.
From a storyline perspective the only problem that needs to be dealt with is the prejudice, bigotry and racism of the white people in the environment Superman inhabits. Apparently that prejudice is such an immutable truth that people like you can't even imagine it to be something different.

How you can suspend your disbelief to accept a god like alien then turn around and throw up a million and one hurdles as to why that alien shouldn't look like a black guy is confusing as hell to me. It's almost like you think this is something other than make believe.