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I remember this happened the last time a similar thread came up - there are some people here who think that pointing out that a black superhero would get a radically different reception in the US (especially in the US decades back in the 20th century) and that an author would need to take that into account in the story means that you're a racist who's insisting that it's impossible to have a black-skinned superhero. There's a big difference between "Marvel was terribad for having a black person take over as Captain America after Steve Rogers died, they can't do that" and "If Marvel cast the original Steve Rogers as a black guy during WW2, the story of Captain America would need to be different as his reception would be different", but some people don't seem to be able to tell the difference.
SDMB is very left-leaning...and even if someone did believe a lot of the stuff some people are looking to argue about...they arn't going to express it in Cafe Society.

We're all different. I think a female Bond *can* work, but its dicey and absolutely depends on the casting. Or scenario. What if the last Craig film had him team up with another agent and the actress knocks it out of the park? Craig dies and the female agent (lets just say its played by Charlize Theron) is offered his spot in the 00 ranks:

M: We happen to have an opening. Would you be interested?

Theron: I would.

M: You'll need a codename.

Theron: (Looking out the window into the middle-distance) How about....Bond?

M: (Raises an eyebrow) And the first name?

Theron: Bond. Just Bond.

Ok maybe thats a little corny, but I like it.