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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
I think one of the reasons that The Wild, Wild West movie fell flat with a resounding clank was the scene where Jim West cajoles the lynch mob out of hanging him. Not because Jim West has to be white, dammit, and not because Will Smith isn't a good actor, but because the notion of being the charming rogue and jollying an 1870s lynch mob out of a hanging stretches plausibility way beyond the breaking point whereas steam-powered metal robots does not. That may be due to the fact that Loveless did make racist comments about West - so racism was really a thing in that universe.

Would it work with Superman? Maybe, but it would take a lot of fan-wanking. I'm thinking of Smallville, where race prejudice isn't a thing and nobody thinks twice when Ma and Pa Kent adopt a black baby. But there would have also to be a substantial black community in Smallville as well. Lana Lang wasn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but if Superboy shows up and is black, and Clark Kent is the only black kid in town, even she is going to catch on to his secret identity eventually.

It would be even worse than the whole "I don't recognize him - he's wearing glasses" thing.

Not to mention....this a lot of hoop-jumping just to....what?? Make a black Superman work? A good Superman story should be the priority over 'making a black Superman work.'.

And "Its time for a Black Superman" (random Slate/Buzzfeed/Huff Po hack article title) should NOT be the priority in making said movie.

Really....this works better as either an Elseworlds comic or some kind of high-minded TV project.....say a Doom Patrol ep that just dives in feet first presenting the episode without the DP even being in it. Confusing the hell out of the audience and then in the second part we find it s a comic come to life. Maybe get Grant Morrison to write this TV ep. I think he's the only one who can mine the comedy and drama needed.