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Originally Posted by Dale Sams View Post
Absoulutely your choice...but how people work is certainly there. My nine-year old didn't cry at the end of Endgame because "It means no more shiny-flying dude"
And 20-something me cried during Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear got to fall with style.

But I didn't watch that movie to see how actual people work. I watched it to see how toy people work. Toy people are not constrained by the same weaknesses that people are. If they were, Buzz would have never believed he could fly in the first place.

It is 100% understandable why a nine-year old wouldn't focus on the implausibility of superhero movies and instead just go along for the emotional roller coaster ride. I would argue that is how most people experience this genre. They aren't watching this kind of flick because they care about all the little details that don't have much relevance to the storyline, but rather the big stuff. Only a small subset of movie-goers care about "world building" and and trueness to the source material. Most people just care about how a movie makes them feel.
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