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Originally Posted by BeagleJesus View Post
This is it right here. A lot of white dudes (cuz let's be honest, it's almost ALWAYS white dudes) quite simply lack the imagination to envision non-white and/or non-male people in roles that have been traditionally reserved for white guys.

- Alien from another planet = disbelief suspended
- Super strength = disbelief suspended
- Ability to fly = disbelief suspended
- Shoot lasers from his eyes = disbelief suspended
- Invulnerable to damn near everything = disbelief suspended
- Looks like a black guy = WTF?!?! NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BELIEVE THAT!!!

The question I really want to ask is this: who are you guys trying to fool, us or yourselves? Because your actions make it pretty damn obvious what your hang ups really are.
So oblique accusations of racism are okay now? Awesome, this is fun.

BTW, casting Spawn as a white guy is just as absurd. But that doesn't suit your SJW attack I suppose.