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Originally Posted by Dale Sams View Post
Not to mention....this a lot of hoop-jumping just to....what?? Make a black Superman work? A good Superman story should be the priority over 'making a black Superman work.'.

And you can make a good story about a black Superman who overcomes racism, or a black Superman where nobody cares if he's black or white, or a white Superman and the story doesn't have anything to do with race because Earth has been invaded by four-dimensional space otters wearing Kryptonite tap shoes. But they are going to be different stories.

And if you don't take that into account, the movie isn't necessarily improved if you replace Meryl Streep with Whoopi Goldberg to do the voice over for the space otters.

Artistic creations need unity, says Aristotle. Thus everything in the movie has to work towards creating that unity. The more you slap stuff on because there isn't enough work for the ethnic group of your choice, the less you are working for that unity.

As the TV executives apparently said to the writers of the My Favorite Martian series -
Please change the dialogue on page 14--a Martian wouldn't say that.
The secret of a good story is only to include the stuff that a Martian would say.

The Wild, Wild West bombed because, in part, a black Secret Service agent with his own train and magic gadgets in the 1870s wouldn't say that - or at least, he wouldn't survive if he tried.

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