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Society exists. That doesn't mean stories are immutable.

A black Superman could 100% work. You'd have to make some decisions:
-Which is more important, a Superman that lives in an America with the same history as real-world America, or a Superman that doesn't face racism?
-Which is more important, that Superman has a white adoptive family, or that Superman has an adoptive family that looks sort of like him?

Any of the answers you come up with could be really interesting. Black Spiderman 100% worked, and it worked by setting the character in a society that has some racism, but not making that racism the focal point of the story. They could equally have set the movie in an alt-New York where racism had never existed (or where it functioned in a way that didn't impact multiracial kids), but that wasn't the choice they made.

It's great seeing authors make cool new choices, especially when they do so in a way that opens up the kinds of people that make it to the big screen as big heroes.