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Originally Posted by Acsenray
(Regarding the Apollo 13 example) See, there’s where your cultural assumptions are elevating race over dozens of other factors. There are a lot of ways in which Tom Hanks and Tom Hanks’s portrayal of Jim Lovell make him different from Jom Lovell and the portrayal deviate from real life. You’re choosing to draw a line around the perceived race of the actor and make that an uncrossable boundary. It’s “distracting,” not because it’s inherently distracting but because your assumptions about race and it’s importance are making it distracting.
"I got a great idea! Let's remake Apollo 13, but this time we'll cast Gabourey Sidibe as Jim Lovell!"

"I'm not sure that casting will work, Bill."

"What are you, some kind of racist?"

See also: the mime version of Schindler's List, and a remake of Old Yeller starring Fritz the Wonder Hamster.