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This really gets down to the fundamental definition of what consciousnesses is, which still a very open philosophical question. So what you get will probably be a whole lot of IMHO. Those who believe in a soul would say that that would clearly not be you. I'm of a bit more of a materialist and so I would say that if the data and associated software accurately mimicked your mental processes including internal states then that would be you.

However I could also imagine a sort of chinese room type simulation of my mind which externally behaves like me, but which arrives at that behavior in a totally different way. Some may say that such a simulation is effectively identical to me to all outside observers and so therefor should be considered to be me. But I would argue that the internal thoughts that are not outwardly observable are what truly represents consciousness and so a machine that failed to include those doesn't actually represent consciousness. I therefore reject the Turing test as a sufficient definition of artificial intelligence.

A question you didn't ask but automatically follows is what happens if you download your consciousness long before you die, or even download multiple copies of your consciousness. This idea is explored about 4 seasons later in Second Chances with the answer being they both are you. However as each has different experiences, they devolve into distinct individuals, but neither is more you than the other one.

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