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Joking, if I am driving yes, the passenger side is more dangerous as I will do all in my power to make sure your side of the car takes the impact.
Seriously, the driver's side is more dangerous, because of the steering wheel. Crush damage to the chest from hitting the wheel is ugly. In the case of seatbelts in use, the passenger still has an additional foot or more of "crumple zone" over the driver before the collapsing front end turns into a formitable hammer. Even if you do not go to the mountain, the mountain may come to you.
In a car with driver only airbag, the driver might have an edge. In a car with dual airbags, I would choose to be the passenger.

My opinion is based only on personal observation of crashes I handled when I was a police officer, it is ancedotal, nothing more.
I have this all thought out, what could possibly go wrong?