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Originally Posted by corkboard View Post
So is the "Rose" supposed to equate somehow to "anti", or something, or is it meaningless?
Yes and no on the meaningless, I think. I'm probably the last person who should be addressing this, but I'm now understanding it to aknowledge that we're all aware of the famous "Mary's baby", aka The Lord, and that this is a Mary of a different kind with an equally formidable bun in her oven. It kind of makes more sense of you say it as "Rose Mary" with the emphasis on "Rose". It refers to and also differentiates her from the original Mary.

And now that I have wasted everyone's time by belaboring this, I would like to conclude with the explanation that not being Christian, I never think of Christ, on thoses rare occasions that I ponder him at all, as "The Son of Mary" so Mr. Levin's little play on words was lost on my poor, dense soul.

I shall shut up now