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The preponderance of evidence, meagre though it is, indicates that Johann Georg's brother Johann Nepomuk, who took in Alois and raised him as one of his own (and later left him a legacy following the death of his wife and Alois's adoption of the family name), was Adolf's real grandfather. Johann Georg may have married Maria Anna Schicklgruber and claimed paternity just to spare his brother some domestic strife (and be made comfortable for the rest of his life).

In Mein Kampf, inaccurate as it is in some places, Adolf describes his grandfather as "a poor, small cottager." This would apply more to Nepomuk than Georg, who was a journeyman miller.
Also, Klara Hitler (Adolf's mother) habitually called her husband "Uncle," even though in the eyes of the law and the Church they were second cousins. (Alois and Klara had to get a special dispensation from the Catholic Church to marry.)