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Originally Posted by Zarkov View Post
The "Many Worlds" or "M" theory has no appeal to me. That mankind is only aware of 5% of the "observable" Universe affords me more than enough doubt that the Universe requires any additional Universe's simply to accomidate quantum mechanics, which still cannot be squared with general relativity. We humans have a long way to go before 11 dimensions need be used to explain uncertainty, let alone the arrow of time, and other such philosophical questions as to whether time even exists.

Suffice it to say that it's a good thing Einstein left Germany, and Heisenburg, the genius that he was, in the end was a traitor to humanity, Jewish or not. Sadly there are many Jews today that somehow relate "liberal" as an excuse to lambaste Israel, especially American and European Jews. The vast majority of Jews in Israel understand the nature of what an existential threat is.

I agree with you. It is strange the way things work out, when the victim becomes the victimized and petrodollars buys elitist influence among the "enlightened" people ( and especially higher education institutions). Remember, Germany in 1930 was thought to be the most enlightened Nation in the Western World. Yes, truly ... watching reality unfold is more surprising than any fictional story, no matter how artfully created.
I was being more or less facetious, but yeh, I try not to judge too hard the very complicated times of those caught in the middle of Hitler's regime. Even Schrödinger, after criticizing Nazism, at one point redacted it, despite fleeing to Ireland, and later wrote an apology letter to Einstein. Difficult times for men who were among the most intelligent on earth. Still they were human and stuck with very difficult choices in a land that was their home, and ultimately turned on them.

You can argue it showed their true colors, but I don't think our lives in such complicated, and torn times, are pure enough. Heisenberg achieved emeritus at the University of Munich was denied being the rightful successor of his former professor and peer Sommerfeld. All because of the Third Reich/SS which muddied the academic waters of Germany holding some of the greatest minds in physics of the day.

All those German and Austrian Nobel Laureates, and other great minds, were diminished because of this (most Jewish scientists had to eventually flee or were most likely killed, and most non-Jewish scientists didn't agree with the anti-Semetic movement in German physics), and ironically, it was ultimately the Bomb that brought the Allied nations victory.