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Best Burger Chain In The USA?

Another thread is slowly being hijacked about the best place to get burgers so I thought it was time.

What chain restaurant has the best Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers - and fries - in the USA?

My nominees:

There is the West Coast war between fans of Fatburger and In-N-Out. Actually, the folks living on the West Coast are lucky to have two great chains like these but I have to give the nod to In-N-Out - great burgers, best fries in the US and the prices are cheap!

Another chain here is Red Robin - fantastic burgers (but crappy fries). They are a bit pricey ($7.99 and up) but worth the price.

The only other burger chain I like is in NYC - Jackson Hole was one of my favorites when I lived there, but haven't been back in years and don't know how they are holding up.

And your nominee is?