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Originally Posted by sj2
Gotta agree. I wouldn't eat Dicks if I wasn't drinking. And I am a slut for burgers.

Palmers East in Redmond has the best gut-buster farmer's burgers, btw. I think Tuesday is 1/2 price burger day too.

I guess I need to try Fatburger. But Palmers is on the way there, so it may be tough.

I do miss upstate NY sliders. Not White Castle type though...I
The best burgers used to come from EarthQuakes. They also had the best onion rings. Unfortunately, they're not a chain and had to close down when the land was bought for a strip mall. They still have a stand out at the Puyallup fair, but somehow, they've changed and the burgers aren't the same.

As far as chains go, it has to be Red Robin. At least for the burgers.