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Originally Posted by RTFirefly
Is Five Guys fast food or table service? I've never been to one; I'm not sure if I've ever seen one.
It's like fast food in that you have to take your food from the counter to the table yourself, but it is by no means fast, as the burgers are put on the grill when you order them. However, they provide a giant bag of peanuts by the counter for snacking while you wait for your food. And the fries are usually sublime.

Thinking about it further, I realize that I made a mistake earlier when I voted for In-N-Out. I guess it's only because I haven't been back to the land of my birth for many years, but the actual best chain burgers in the world are at Swenson's Drive-In. Unfortunately, you have to be in Akron to get them.

Hamburger Station also has wonderful burgers.