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I see my comments about Josh Duggar drew some heated attention.

I feel very strongly that what a juvenile does is wiped clean when they become an adult. It's a basic concept of the juvenile courts that all records are sealed. Giving the person a fresh start in life. I know Josh didn't get prosecuted. He should have been, and then the juvenile court judge could have ordered long term therapy for Josh, and professional counseling for the victims. But thats old water under the bridge. The statue of limitations has long ago expired. Dragging this incident up now is simply a way to destroy and permanently discredit him and the entire Duggar family because of their religious beliefs and political activism. It's also traumatizing his victims all over again. Forcing them to relive the horror of what happened twelve years ago. But no one cares about that. They simply want to blindly hate the adult man for something terrible he did as a young teen 12 years ago.

Enough. I know my opinion is unpopular. So be it. But lets be clear. I find what Josh did morally repugnant and sickening. I can only hope that he's not victimized anyone else. If evidence of any adult crime emerges than he should be imprisoned for a long time. But I won't join in and pile on the hate for Josh's troubled childhood unless evidence of any adult crimes emerge. If he's really a pedo or sexual predator there will be a long list of victims throughout the past 12 years.

I suggest reading some books on criminal rehabilitation. Society made the decision to shift away from vengeance based prison sentencing to a focus on rehabilitation and forgiveness. The juvenile courts and criminal rehabilitation programs are one of our country's biggest achievements in the early to mid 20th century. It wasn't done entirely from compassion or kindness. It's known that vengeance based, harsh prison sentences don't prevent recidivism. A new approach had to be found.

Here are two books I've read and found quite informative. There are others that I read many years ago. But these are two recent ones that I found informative. The Gideon book is a textbook and isn't light reading. I spent over a year working my way through it.

Balanced discussion on the successes and failures of criminal rehabilitation. The chapter on sexual offenders is very good.
Rethinking Corrections: Rehabilitation, Reentry, and Reintegration Lior Gideon and Hung-En Sung

This is a very good life story of a former career criminal. A fast read because its so fascinating.
Choose to do Right: A Proven Path to Criminal Rehabilitation by Andrew E Matson

Finally, the books that originally sparked my interest in rehabilitating juveniles back in my high school years. The story of gang leader Nicky Cruz is fascinating and it clearly shows how a troubled teen can reform and lead a responsible adult life.
Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz
too get another perspective of his story... read
The Cross and the Switchblade David Wilkerson and Elizabeth Sherrill

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