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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
... The answer is... progressive taxation. Make sure that guys like HD get to keep their $3000 tax cut. Allow the first significant chunk of income be exempt from the necessary Liberal Socialist Democrat Tax Hikes Obama proposed people earning $250,000 or less per year say in the same tax bracket. Since about a decade will have passed, make the limit $300,000 to throw a bone to the the Rs. Starting at (NOTE: NOT a tax on all the money someone makes if they exceed $300,000 a year, but only dollars after $300,000 a year) $300,000, jack up the personal income tax rate. A rate of X at $300,000, Y for $750,000, Z for 1.25 million, Alpha for over $5 million. You get the idea: tax the rich. But don't eat 'em, I am actually not malicious towards the rich, I just want a more Constitutionally congruent taxation scheme. ...
How much do you think we could raise from such a plan? How much is the "defensible extra amount" you think you can extract from the rich?